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Why Choose LB Lapuz Architects & Builders Philippines?

Do you have a lot and planning to build your dream home? But you don't know how, what and where to begin?

Congratulations! You've come to the right place!  We are what you're looking for!

Planning, designing, constructing and building your dream home is no easy task, it's a complex process. Always remember that building your dream home is your single biggest investment in your life. You don't want it to be a failure and settle only for less, do you? You need credible experts in the industry to partner you to help you realize your dream!

LB Lapuz Architects & Builders Philippines, is one of the reputable subdivision developer and commercial building contractor firms in the Philippines. Its office is located at Unit 2, Frank L. Young (FLY) Building, Brgy. Dungon B, Diversion Road, Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines.

Avanti is backed by superior capability honed by extensive experience of its human resources. From the board of directors, top and middle management, all the way down to the rank-and-file, are experts in their respective fields as applied to home construction, having practiced their specific professions in relation to planning, designing, constructing and building homes. This expertise and experience results to a highly competent team that is efficient and effective. 

We plan, design, construct and build NOT JUST HOUSES BUT DREAM HOMES!

We also plan, design, construct, build and renovate warehouses, schools, showrooms, commercial and industrial structures. We offer premium quality services with a personal touch at affordable prices. Most important of all, we guarantee close supervision of the projects.

Do you want a CUSTOMIZED design according to your budget and specifications for your dream home?

No worries, that is our exxageration whatsoever! We are here to help you achieve your greatest satisfaction in buidling your dream home for you and as your legacy to your loved ones.

LB Lapuz Architects & Builders Philippines' elegant and budget-friendly pre-made dream home model designs are also available. All our dream home model designs come with 15 years structural warranty and 4 to 5 months construction completion!

See all our pre-made designs at Dream Home Designs page.

If you already have your own design, we'll make an estimate for it for FREE!

No lot yet? No worries, we will help you find that perfect lot for your dream home!

Build your dream home the hassle-free way with LB Lapuz Architects & Builders Philippines today!

What are you waiting for? Visit or contact us today for a schedule of a FREE CONSULTATION for the planning, designing, constructing and buidling of your dream home using our Contact Us page above!  


  1. If you want to have your dream home, it must be in a perfect location. It means finding a perfect lot is the first thing that must do.

    Lots that are on sale here-->

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