About Us

LB Lapuz Architects & Builders

LB Lapuz Architects & Builders Philippines is a dream home builder and a real estate contractor based in  Iloilo City, Philippines. We are duly registered with the Department of Trade and Industry. We build construction-efficient homes with a building system that uses conventional construction system.

LB Lapuz Architects & Builders Philippines is backed by superior capability honed by extensive experience of its human resources. From the board of directors, top and middle management, all the way down to the rank-and-file, are experts in their respective fields as applied to home construction, having practiced their specific professions in relation to planning, designing and building homes. This expertise and experience results to a highly competent team that is efficient and effective.

We also plan, design, build and renovate warehouses, schools, showrooms, commercial and industrial structures.

With at least seven (7) gems of dream home design models to choose from, a lot owner can avail of a Construction Financing Loan either from Pag-ibig/Home Development Mutual Fund or through a bank. Modifications of designs and your own design are also accepted.

Today’s rapid pace puts most homebuyers in a precarious position where requirements for building a dream home are monumental. Poor and un-appraised decisions can be devastating.  This is where our expertise lies. Though our homebuyers differ in many ways, they share a common desire to deal with the right people.

At LB Lapuz Architects & Builders Philippines, we work the entire range of your requirements in building the home of your choice, WHERE YOU WANT IT!

We plan, design, construct and build NOT JUST HOUSES BUT DREAM HOMES!

Our Office

LB Lapuz Architects & Builders
Unit 2, Frank L. Young (FLY) Building, Brgy. Dungon B. Diversion Road, Jaro
Iloilo City, Philippines

Our Vision

To be an active partner of Filipino families worldwide in the pursuit of building their dream homes.

With customer satisfaction as our TOP of mind, we will be the best provider of construction related building systems and innovations, guided by high standard of professionalism and adherence to sound technical principles and business ethics. We aim to share with our customers the benefits derived from our constantly improving technical competence.

Our Mission

To provide homebuyers with expert advice and assistance every step of the way.

We are committed to provide the highest level of construction related products and services. We shall aim for customer satisfaction by delivering our products and services within our customers’ desired quality, schedule and budget. We shall commit to share with our customers the benefits that our company will derive from our continual technical improvements, the growth of our business and the development and welfare of our employees.

Our Core Values

Excellence, Integrity, Commitment, Security, Teamwork


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